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hypnobirthing stories ...

 Kelly, Jon and Baby Mia's story


Mia's first breastfeed,
about 30 mins old

The first family photo -
Jon, Kelly and Mia 

Mum bathed, Mia dressed
- time for a nap
(Mia about 2 hours old) 

I met Jon and Kelly in September, and we chatted for a couple of hours about the sort of birth they hoped for and how hypnobirthing might help them.  Kelly was very keen on hypnobirthing, Jon wasn't so sure but was happy to go along with what Kelly wanted!  By the time we had completed their hypnobirthing classes, Jon had seen the light and they both looked forward confidently to the birth of their first baby together.  Kelly was very keen on a home birth, and was supported in this choice by her midwife.  Early on January 13th Kelly started her birthing - very gentle surges that she described as just a bit uncomfortable.  She got on with her day.

About 8pm she felt her surges were changing and called out her midwife, who found her about '1cm dilated' and recommended she had an early night.  However a couple of hours later, Kelly's waters released and just after midnight Baby Mia was born, in the comfort of their own bedroom.  Jon supported Kelly throughout, and even happily cut the cord, which he'd thought would be 'yuk'!

Jon said that 'thanks to our hypnobirthing classes with Wendy I felt I was able to confidently support Kelly, I felt I had a part to play in the birth of my daughter' and Kelly said 'the early labour was easy to deal with, the actual birth came very quickly at the end, and the snow meant that the midwife was delayed getting back to us - there was a short period of panic, but then Jon helped me get back into the zone.  The birth was wonderful.  I felt exhausted immediately after the birth, but within just a few minutes really, I felt fantastic.  And just looking down at my beautiful daughter ....  Once the midwife had checked us both over, I had a wonderful bath and then took Mia downstairs to meet my parents - it was the middle of the night, but time for sleep later, I wanted to savour my first moments of being a mum!  Wendy's hypnobirthing classes made such a difference to our birth, Jon was brilliant and knew how to support me when I needed it, and I knew how to listen to my body and trust my instincts.  And knowing I could always call Wendy for a chat, support or advice was great.'

Some other stories
"My first birth was an nightmare - I was so frightened.  I felt like I had no say, no voice - no one was listening to me.  I'd been told so many times how painful it was going to be - and it was.  I didn't want to go through that again.  But then I heard about hypnobirthing from a friend and so when I was expecting my second I decided to give it a go.  It was the best thing I could have done - I felt empowered and confident.  The birth was such a wonderful event - practically no pain, and so calm after the trauma of the first ..."  JB, Thanet

"I would recommend hypnobirthing to everyone - say goodbye to stressful, painful birth!  And Wendy was so patient, kind and supportive."  SP, Canterbury

"I'd listened to all the stories about how terrible it was going to be - the worst pain imaginable, being treated like a piece of meat.  I did some reading on the web and found out about hypnobirthing.  Decided that if it was only partly as good as it promised to be, it was worth trying.  It was so much better than I could have hoped for.  Thank you so much Wendy."  AN, Dover

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